What Parents and Students Say about Us


  • 这一年多来,孩子在学业上的进步让我非常鼓舞。Andy 老师对孩子有一套属于他自己独特的模式。


    Ms Ling Kok Siew
  • 我的孩子跟着 Andy 老师接近四年了。一开始两位孩子都不喜欢补习和排斥补习老师。​


    陈老师有自己独特一套的教学方式来教育,我家孩子真的大大大有进步!还有十万分感激 Andy 老师尽心尽力的教导!

    Ms May Lim
  • I think I'm Teacher Andy's oldest student since standard 1 till form 2. It's been a long journey of laughter and learning with him throughout these 8 years.

    He always gives me a sign of hope and motivate me to do my best at school or in sports. He is like an older brother, always by your side no matter the situation is good or bad. He has pulled me out of my darkest times to the brightest times in my school life. He has pulled me from zero to hero.

    Ivan Ho
    Form 2
    SMJK Yu Hua, Kajang
  • When my mum said I was going to have math tutoring, I initially felt discouraged to do it. Although I did have tough times at things I didn’t understand, Teacher Andy is a great tutor at one on one tutoring and homework help. He has made math not only at home but school and in general much better to understand. I feel like I have a better confidence in maths then before, with the help of Teacher Andy. Not only that, he makes class more fun with his point system. The system gave me motivation to earn something.

    Samantha Sng
    Year 7
    Kuala Lumpur Alice Smith School (KLASS)
  • 你对我的补习 有帮到我很多 是个有耐心且负责任的老师 我有任何题目不明白你都很耐心的跟我讲一遍 上你的课我觉得很有趣也不无聊

    Raphael Hang
    Year 8
    Keningston Academy
  • The tuition is very good and I learned a lot throughout the entire journey. The lesson is fun and entertaining therefore I won't feel bored during the tutoring session. Teacher Andy is very kind and helpful and he will make sure I understand the topic before moving on to the next topic.

    Ryan Lee
    Year 11
    Springate Academy
  • A man of honour and culture, he wastes no time to enhance his students to beyond themselves while at the same time creating an unbreakable student-teacher bond. "Why you shouldn't find this teacher for tuition? " - You will not find any teacher again after you employ him.

    Jaroer Lee
    Form 3
    SMK Cheras Perdana
  • 他是一位既有幽默感,又极力让课堂变得有趣生动。跟他上课从来没”闷”这个字。他的理念是上课时应是有趣,轻松,更多是交流及自由。感谢我跟他这一个师生相识的路程,他是个幽默成熟的老师。

    Hovan Hoo
    Form 2
    SMK Yu Hua, Kajang